we are brilyan.

Here at Brilyan, we hold every single customer in high regard. In all of our almost 20-year tenure in the industry, we have been able to seize opportunities from varying industry, hence the array of solution you will see below. Our best trait is our versatility; with the wealth of knowledge of our mentors and the dedication of our young professionals, we provide a solution that does more than just becoming an answer to your solution; it also helps you to grow. And that is why we do what we do; we love to empower and help you grow above and beyond.


with our experienced team at your disposal, rest assured that the solution offered will be able to be implemented properly.


the thinking behind our solution. we want you to be able to grow beyond by using our solution as the platform from which you would soar.


with every solution, we strive to deliver it in the best way possible in accordance with your strengths.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth."

-Jalaluddin Rumi

our empowerment coverage.



We offer the chance to improve your quality not solely through the implementation of our solution; we also want you as a person to improve.



We strive to improve your technology state by using the most advanced and proper fit technology in our solution, tailored just for you.



We add to your knowledge through the implementation of our solutions, but we do not stop there. We offer you more knowledge to go above and beyond.

our solution range.

intelligent transportation system.


learning management system.

Make use of our knowledge in enabling "smarter: use of transportation networks.

Tap into our expertise on SCADA, DCS, and other control+monitoring measures.

Plan, implement, and assess specific learning process tailored for your organisation.

2d/3d cbt content.

sport technology.

general it consulting.

Let our creative designers animate your content to encourage your team to learn and study.

Event management from start to finish as well as specific sports competition management.

Let our team help you in consultancy capacity e.g. IT Governance, IT Strategic Planning.

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